“IPS has been a highly welcoming environment for me in my pursuit of post-graduate analytic studies. It has impressive, intelligent faculty, analysts and control analysts who have been instrumental in expanding my curiosity and the understanding of both me and my patients.”

“When asked about IPS by my friends, co-workers or family I usually begin by saying ‘this place is different; it is neither the typical school nor the typical school experience.’ The first thing that comes to my mind is the importance given to, and consistency in reminding candidates of practicing with nonjudgmental attitude and not boxing an individual into a theory but instead remembering the uniqueness of each individual. My experience at IPS has been an excellent one and has without a doubt exceeded my expectations.”

“For the past two years at IPS, I have had an amazing experience. Not only have I learned so much in the area of psychoanalysis, I have had the chance to meet excellent professionals who not only have so much knowledge and expertise in the area of psychoanalysis but have also given me the opportunity to experience what is to me one of the most important themes throughout the experience at IPS: the uniqueness of each individual and the practice of an accepting, non-judgmental attitude. I take every opportunity I have to tell others in the field about IPS, as this has been so far one of the best learning experiences I have had.”

“As a candidate at IPS, I have experienced a welcoming, warm, nonjudgmental environment with an opportunity to grow both professionally as well as at a personal level. From its founder to the instructors, they welcome candidates with a genuine goal to see each individual succeed and become the best they can be. My experience at the IPS has indeed exceeded my expectations.”

As an entering 4-year IPS candidate for the 2017-2018 term; I can attest to the tremendous administrative, instructional, and educational support received from the IPS staff.

Additionally, I can vouch wholeheartedly for the increased confidence and quality in my therapeutic work with patients which is due solely to the in-depth academic curriculum and collaborative components embedded and implemented within this psychoanalytic program.

I am thoroughly grateful for being a part of this psychoanalytic institute. This continued academic investment in my professional growth as a therapist has been immeasurable!

Warmest Regards,

Rosena P.

“With expert instruction, supervision and analysis IPS provides an open and collaborative model of education, aimed at the practical application of Psychoanalytic teachings.  By introducing a theory based as opposed to theory driven model, IPS greatly improves the understanding of the nature of character thus allowing for candidates to learn about themselves and their practice in continuously exponential and deeper ways that are immediately applicable.”

Joel K.

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