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Zachary Schwartz IPS

Joanna Dos Santos IPS

Yerelen Reyes

Lauren Waddell IPS

Video: Bill Goldberg on IPS

Joel Bernstein: Chemistry IPS

Brian Nandy: Learning About Depth

Joel Bernstein: Character Analysis

Lorna Goldberg: Importance of Personal Analysis

Yerelen Reyes

Lauren Waddell IPS

At the start of the Fall Semester 2023, all of our classes will be offered via interactive Webinars using the platform ZOOM.


The Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies welcomes you into an atmosphere where faculty and candidates are partners in the study of the depths and wonders of the human psyche.

Our four year curriculum provides a strong foundation in classical psychoanalysis while also focusing upon a wide range of psychoanalytic theories. We prepare candidates for independent practice in adult or child and adolescent psychotherapy.

The Institute offers advanced post graduate training for candidates with a minimum of a Master’s Degree in a variety of fields including social work, psychology, counseling, psychiatry and nursing. Our approach is collegial—students are considered partners and participate in shaping the Institute’s programs, policies and practices. Our Psychotherapy Referral Service connects candidates and faculty with patients seeking therapy.